According to Blogsphere, Amazon most “blogged” item (the second) is Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman.

I pre-ordered the book last week and I’m awaiting it in my mailbox (we don’t have mailboxes here in Italy, really) in the hope to make jnkmail.com, and all the other sites I make to feed myself, a bit more standard-compliant.

If you are a bit of a web geek and you want the web to be “visually pleasant” and accessible to everyone I strongly suggest you to read Mr Zeldman and his alistapart.
I read (on web and on paper) him since higfive.com times, and as a young designer and web designer I respect him.
As a drummer I lately discovered that I’ve studied, years ago, during the first years of the web, some of his brother’s drum patterns.

Wow, I’m some way “linked” with the Zeldman family!
(just kidding)