Panther is coming.

Informations about Apple’s new products are leaking out in these days.
We may see the new Powermac G5 by the end of summer, or/and have the new major release of MacOs X.

According to these screenshots, Apple has slightly modified MacOs X appearance to resembe it’s last powerbooks and powermacs design (we don’t have stripes over the cases anymore) and, wow I’m amazed, we’ll have classes back, remember System 7?

Since Apple reintroduced classes, why shouldn’t they reintroduce custom icons inside the Library folder?
Yes, I know they don’t want us to mess around these folders, but, since most skilled users do it, custom icons can help them (and me) moving around.
I hope they’ll do it in the future or… I want the archaic Fotn/DA mover back!!!