Audio/Video Chat.

Another Apple-centric entry: I’m testing iChat DV, it suffers a few bugs, but considering it’s the first public beta it works wonderfully.
I’ve tested the video chat and it’s great!
Audio and video are perfect, but at home I use a pretty fast connection (the other user too), so I still don’t know how it behaves on slow connections (crappy DSL or 56k). I’m sorry I didn’t took any screenshots.

The audio chat also works perfectly (Screenshot), like standard telephone connections, and helps a lot when working remotely with other people on the same project, without using phone or using the keyboard, without even mentioning when you had to find that damned iChat window under tons of palettes or photoshop comps!

There’s also the “One way video chat”, an option that lets you broadcast your webcam source, or, since you can use any firewire device (at the moment I’m using my Sony PC-5), you can even broadcast pre-made movies like a mini TV studio!