Font Book

Yesterday I had the possibility to test-drive Panther again on a friend’s Powerbook (he is a registered developer).
I don’t like the new Xp-like column on the new Finder windows, you can close it, but I hope Apple puts an option to automatically hide it, I don’t like Os X Finder ‘cause it’s becoming more and more chaotic than the old, trusty, but a bit too basic, Classic Os Finder, it seems to me that they started with a flacky Finder model and now they’re slowling trying to fix tings up.
If you are of the same idea, and willing to read some well argumented critics you can start here, it’s a bit old but still valid.

Anyway all I wanted to do this time was testing Apple’s new Font Book, font management utility that, as I thought, is really similar in it’s logic to the defunct ATM Deluxe.
You can preview the fonts, create your sets (called “collections”) and simply activate or deactivate these, no more, no less (Screenshots 1, 2).

Fast, clean, and it works!

You don’t have to spend half an hour studying obscure preference panels, use 2-3 different application just to activate a font.
If you don’t work for a giant design firm that needs centralized font management via dedicated servers, Font Book will be your perfect partner!
There are still a few issues with it (normal: it’s still a beta): obviously is instable, and I tried to, directly, drag the fonts from the Finder over the Font Book window, there’s no drag ‘n drop, maybe we’ll have it in the final release or in a newer beta, I hope!