Misterious Puppet.

Please don’t blame me about this, but…
What is this???

I downloaded the image linked above one or two years ago from a site I can’t find anymore.

Geek note:Sometimes in the past, when we where using one program at a time, and sported 66 Mhz and 16 Megabytes of RAM, under the revolutionary System 7.x, if we manually downloaded a .gif, .jpg, or other from the internet, our mac used to stick it’s original URL into the file comments…
We’ll have classes back with Panther: maybe I’ll get this back with Os 10.4!

Ok, get back to the puppet: it always fascinated me, I want it: big, small, any size.
Anyway: I just forgot it until today.


Today I caught it on the back seat of the weirdsmobile, and so I started again asking myself:

What the fuck is it?

Please help me, maybe it’s a Television Suppastar, unknown to me, alone, here in Italy.
I need to know: mail me any details.