I’ve added the dreaded “link page” to
It all started when I tought to publish my IE favorites (deleting, ahem, the porn bookmarks folder before, obviously!), but this is nearly impossible because I’m used to copy my favorites.html file from one Mac to another anytime I buy a new one.
So the file creation date is back from when I had Powermac 6100/66 (The first PowerPC Macs) and now it is almost 1 Megabyte for thousands and thousands of bookmarks: you can scroll my Favs mený for twenty seconds (ona a fast machine) to see it from top to bottom!
I think this gives an idea: now I’m (slowly) reorganizing it and I’m going to add bunches of links day by day.

I’m also working on a new a new portfolio, it will resemble my “real life”, “real paper” made book, probably, I hope it will be online by the end of the week… I got a lot of free time now.