I hate people who are not able to place an order at fast-food restaurants, especially when I’m waiting my beloved double whopper with onion rings at Burger King.

It’s pretty simple; they have numbers for any menu, the guy who serves you will ask you always the same questions in every country of the planet: USA, Italy, Germany, even here in Spain.

It’s simple, anyone can do (I thought till today).


“I want menu number five, thanks.”

“I’ll eat here”

“Coke to drink, thanks”

“That’s the money - bye!”

You can’t make strange combinations of menus, you can’t ask wine, or ask if they’ll cook something only for YOU.
You can’t ask if someone can bring you a coffee when you finished your meal, or if they have other thing than these listed on the panels.

Of course, we have some “Daurade à la crème d’oursins” from our secret French chef - idiot.

Since you usually have to stand in line for a few minutes, it may be intelligent to decide what to eat few seconds before the fast food guy asks you what.