Pills of my life.

Here we are, back in Rome, back to the daily routine.
This September seems to be interesting: in these few days I managed to put my dirty hands on a Powermac G5, the 1.6 Ghz entry level model, I’ll “test” it more accurately next week, it works with a newer version of Jaguar (for G5 processors) with some new bluetooth features like wireless mouse and keyboard.

My girlfriend gave me a new bonsai: it’s a 27 years old (older than me!) Ficus Retusa, a pretty strong indoor bonsai: according to the information we have, it will survive me!
It can live for (year more, year less) 1500 years.

On the professional side I’m starting three new freelance projects, two sites and a book, while I’m looking for a full time job, to gain more and more experience, and to continue learning under the guide of older, skilled graphic designers, I’d better reprint my book and move my ass!