Photoshop CS?

When, wandering through the web, I discovered that the new Photshop release (at that time known as Photoshop 8) was close to its public launch, I asked myself where all the middle releases (imagine Photoshop 7.5, Illustrator 10.3) had gone.
In archaic times, steps like Photoshop 2.0 to the 2.5 version where big: worth an upgrade or a brand new copy.
It’s not trendy anymore.

No surprise when, these days, I discovered that Adobe (nicely) re-branded its products, suppressing the version number and replacing it with “CS”: creative studio.

What’s happening next? How would they name next releases of their software?
Will we distinguish the different versions in a Microsoft and, recently, Macromedia style like: Product X + Cool “makes the difference” Acronym + Year of Release?

Equal: mess.