The Final Panther Review.

While I discovered that Font Book on my machines is correctly working, but is painfully slow at activating fonts and sets, I came across John Siracusa’s Panther Review (thanks to Vincenzo for the link suggestion).

Siracusa’s reviews are usually the most complete and well written I’ve ever seen, and this particular one is a perfect example of John’s style: more than ten pages on the topic, eviscerating everything from the poor Finder model (remember my rants a long time ago?), to performance analisys to Expose seen in depth.

By the way: I would like to know who the hell is the guy who finally arrived to searching Google for “porn bookmarks” and finding the link to this site on the 110th result page!!!
That’s urge for Porn!!!
I think I’ll make a little list of the most idiot keywords used on Google to get on this site in the near future, I’ve got a lot, like:

powermac g5 windows version
apnea fetish

Be prepared!