Going Mobile.

Yesterday I bought my new machine: a brand new 17” Powerbook.
After a couple of months thinking about it, i finally made the decision to switch from a desktop machine to a powerful laptop: I’m often out of Rome for work, so buying a new G5 and let it “alone” at home most of the time would have been useless.
That is what, in fact, was happening with my Desktop G4 733 (now adopted by my sister) these last months: I was always working on my Powerbook G3 “Pismo” laptop, a quite slow machine these days, while the G4 was at home, waiting for a few ssh or ftp connection per day, just to synchronize some files ore to use the home DSL for downloads.

This is my second day on the Powerbook: it seem quite faster than the desktop machine, I still got my beloved SuperDrive for huge backups and, when at home, plugging the laptop into my 19” LaCie monitor (since the Powerbook’s 17” monitor is wonderful, I use an extended desktop setup with the LaCie as the main monitor - I still love CRT!) and external hard drives doesn’t make me miss a desktop mac setup.
Size is the only drawback of the 17” Powerbook: it doesn’t fit into my old backpack, and doesn’t fit into my motorcicle’s bagsters bags too, damn!
I need a new backpack: now I’m using an old school backpack (dated circa ‘88) that’s big enough to safely contain the powerbook during my expeditions around center Italy on my motorbike!