Junk Mail from Jnkmail.com

I’ve read that it happened to others before, but only today I received too a warning email from these bright guys at the jnkmail.com team!

Dear user of Jnkmail.com,

We warn you about some attacks on your e-mail account.
Your computer may contain viruses, in order to keep your computer and e-mail account safe, please, follow the instructions.
For details see the attached file.

The Management,
The Jnkmail.com team

These spammers are getting more ambitius than ever!
And the mail sounds totally weird because of the silly name I’ve choosen one late monday night for this website…

Terrific, after thousands of Italian Crafted Rolex offers, several Huday Hussein letters, and enough enlargements pills for my penis that could have let me join with great, unseen, success the international Porn Industry, making real big bucks (and a lot of fun)… It’s almost nice to spot new creative ideas in junk mail.