TV Listing Journey!

This night the first episode of Six Feet Under will be on air on Italian TV.
I don’t want to miss it, so this afternoon I tried to check over the internet (I use Safari, Mac) wich channel, and at what time, shows the premiere.
I know for sure that Mediaset (biggest italian TV network) is airing it, so the first thing that comes to mind is to check mediaset online website for TV schedule - simple no?

Mediasetonline greets me with a wonderful floating banner (that suggest a poorly designed layout) and supa-famous Porn Star Aria di Giovanni innocently looking at me, caged into another banner linking to a nudes site.
I then spot the Canale 5 and Italia 1 links and go to the respective sites:

on Canale 5 site I’m not able to click on the lef hand links, the ones I need to reach the schedules, because of another floating banner (later I noticed that I’m randomly able to click the links on the left, don’t know why - your experience may vary).
Italia 1 is a way better, but unfortunately, for no particular reasons the TV schedule shows only morning-afternoon shows: yeah!!!

After 15-20 minutes trying, i gave up, discouraged, and finally found the information I wanted using the teletext system (now that’s really hot new technology) on a TV set downstairs…

While the rest of the world is converting to web-standard, clean and/or rich looking, usable websites, we still need to learn designing almost decent ones (me included)…

Ah, I forgot, finally I found that the show is at 22:50.
Now: where’s that huge popcorn bag???