April 01, 2004

Sailing Clicker.

After one-day testing, I finally purchased Sailing Clicker 2.1 a little, tiny Preference Pane that lets you control some of your Mac applications via a Bluetooth enabled PDA/Cellphone.
My Nokia 7650 is not officially supported, but after downloading a .SIS application linked on the Sailing Clicker site, in two minutes my phone was fully functional as a smart remote control for my 17” Powerbook.
It has a well done UI, got’s AppleScript support, extremely useful (if, like me, you use the Mac as DVD player on a remote TV set, and as mp3 jukebox, connected to an Hi-Fi, and you are, like me again, disgustingly lazy).
It doesn’t take much processor time too.

5/5 stars rating, but… wait I’m not a magazine!
I’m just another useless weblog!
Nevertheless, my beloved readers, it’s fully worth the shareware fee.