Boxes Everywhere!

I’m moving to a new house.
Moving can become the most painful period of your entire life:
it starts with the little things.
You put away the stuff you usually don’t use daily (or, at least, you think you don’t…) then you start moving your kitchen stuff (dishes, glasses, everything), and you start having your meals on plastic dishes with soft, useless, plastic forks and knives - chinese torture.
Then you enter the last week before the movers will land into your apartment.
Histerically, you start trowing things into the boxes (boxes are everywhere in the house by this time): clothes, shoes, your towels, all the basic stuff you need to have a decent public life.
You are stressed, you can’t find anything you need, everything is messed, you can barely walk into your (former) house that, now, is similar to a personal storage with numbered boxes inside.

But there are also some curious aspects.

I closed in (now famous) boxes all my design books, all my CD’s, I found tons of Apple hardware: at least seven CPUs (from a Mac LC, to my new Powerbook - excluding newtons).
During moving times you have a chance to trash tons of useless stuff you once considered important and, now, are only unnecessary added weight you have to pay to be moved from the old house to the new one.
You find objects you once loved, you once desidered a lot, you had to buy, or obtain in some way.
Now, you just have some seconds (time is passing… fast!) to save them, or to orribly trash them - erase these, once important, little, tiny objects from your life.
(I’m getting emotional here, you know…)
In these cases we all learn that money is stronger than our feelings for that (say it again: useless) stuff.
Said this, what do you think I should do with this beautiful chinese restaurant gift???

On another topic: if my mother discovers this new yahoo uk service my mail inbox is fucked!
Via Kottke.