Tax this, tax that…

This article, today on the first page of the paper edition of the International Herald Tribune, got my attention:
EU (Europe for friends) wants to tax computer monitors because you can use monitors to watch movies!!!

This paragraph says it all:

It could be considered the price of convergence: Computing equipment sold among Europe, the United States and Asia is supposed to be free of duties. But the EU imposes a 14 percent import duty on consumer electronics as part of an effort to protect European TV manufacturers.

It seems DVI monitors will be the first to be taxed.
Just a reminder: they taxed CD-ROMS, because you could use them to store movies.
They taxed Hard Drives and other mass-storage devices for the same reason.
They taxed CD Burners for the same reason.
Next step is taxing my hands because I can use them to operate a personal computer, and I could do something illegal with it.

In Italian this is called “Processo alle Intenzioni” (preventive fines), or going against new, innovative (read: money), markets to protect old ones.