planning the trip

On friday evening I’ll leave for (long awaited, as usual) vacations.
On the mini-banner under the title you can see a (relaxed) bit of trip planning: looking for routes and accomodations on our way from Rome to northen France: Normandie et Bretagne.
Starting from Rome, we’ll stop roughly after 600km in Val di Susa, near Turin (Italy). The day after we finally will be in France to visit (among others): Noyers (our first night in France), then Rouen, via Paris (just to make a tourist-photo under the Tour Eiffel…), Mont San Michelle (obliged), St Malo, and, we hope, as many places we’ll be able to pass through and visit in 19 days and an estimated grand total of about 5000km.

Obviously by motorbike.


obviously we don’t speak French…

update: photos here.