True Story: Audion.

nostalgia: audion
I remember Jobs asked, “Do you have any other ideas for apps you want to work on?” I replied, genuinely, “Well, we’ve got an idea for a digital photo management program…” and he replied with a simple, “Yeah. Don’t do that one.” Everyone in the room laughed.

Wow. Do you love stories?
Are you whining ‘cause is not being updated?

This is for you: the true story of Audion.
It took me three cigarettes, a couple of cookies, and almost half an hour to read it. No, wait, “read” isn’t the right word: half an hour savoring it, enjoying it, living it!

Fascinating, wonderfully written and filled with a miriad of unique pop-up notes, including the disturbing real sound of the Chipmunks!

So, adios, Audion!