Tim Turbo.

Please, please, please…
We’re so over those cell phone commercials on TV.
Tim (Telecom Italia Mobile) one’s are like mini soap operas in 30 seconds slots: it’s like Beautiful stuffed between that smart guy driving the BMW 1 Series and the Choco Cheerios!

The one on TV these months (Tim Turbo) presents us the story of Diego (portrait) desperately trying to marry the astonishingly sensual Adriana Lima (portrait) while she escapes from him in the most exotic places of the world every damn week: catch me if you can style.

Diego: we’re all supporting you. Please, please, please: 99.9% of the male italian population is waiting for it. Stop fooling around. Don’t be late every time. Move your ass, hey: she’s really something! Get serious now: go get her, we’ll be all proud of you. Forever.