This night, on my way home I drove through the lungotevere and, as usual, in front of St. Peters. I stopped at the traffic light near via della conciliazione, usually deserted late at night, so that you can stop for a while and stare at St. Peters facade at the end of the road.

Not this night. This night the street was filled with police cars, way up the church, blocking traffic. On my left, Largo Giovanni XXIII looked like an odd and chaothic camping: TV’s transmitting vans everywhere, satellite dishes, lights, cameras, white squallid plastic tables surrounded by journalists nervously typing on their laptops.

The Pope’s health is getting worse. Until Thursday late afternoon the Vatican has been very cautious about his health, but now the situation is critical. TV News are transmitting live, some say he may not pass the night.

Reuters this night.
Ansa (Italian).