BMW R1200S

The video teaser for the, widely expected, BMW’s new R1200S is online (select your preferred video player).

The motorbike (at least the few frames we can see) has a strong family feeling with the previous R1100S model, I’m just curious to see if the back is similar to what the press shown (looks like no bagagge is “allowed”: sometimes you may need it… even if you don’t love it) in the last months (Photo One - Photo Two).
The current R1100S model is a nice “balanced” Sport Tourer, I hope this new model will follow this path. It may be a favourite candidate to replace my current R1150R: two and a half years old and 76500 kilometers indicated on the odometer. It (she?) may need to rest a bit sooner or later…

You can bet, I’ll be at EICMA in Milan in the next weeks.

Update: this might be an official photo. (Found on QdE italian forum)

Update, again: here’s the new complete bmw r1200s promotional video (windows media player).