BMW R1200R. Maybe.

Maybe the new BMW R1200R

Some photos of what might be the new BMW R1200R started to appear in various forums over the internet.
These (blurry) photos look way more realistic than the many photoshopped fakes that every once a while appeared online in these last months. The R1200R is one of the last new models to be unveiled by BMW.
It looks like the oil radiators have been removed from the the sides of the fuel tank (bad: during winter the hot air produced by the radiators resulted useful for “frosted” hands…), lower headlight estetically permits the use of a standard-sized front mudguard. Smaller cockpit and lighter rear part.
It slightly resembles Moto Guzzi’s Breva 750… but we have to see some better photos, or the final thing (I hope soon) to judge.

I mirrored some photos here.

Update: the R1200R (slightly Photoshopped) on the cover of “Motociclismo”, italian magazine.

Second Update: press photos links on this newer post.