Book Collection(s)

Design books are every designer’s treasure. We usually spend hours in bookshops looking for rare volumes, reprints, volumes everyone else is not interested in.
“Helvetica? What’s interesting in a book about a font (aaargh! it’s not a damn font!)?” is the usual reaction from your friends, co-workers, girlfriends… or everyone who is with you in these particular moments.
That said, I’m proud of some of my book, as an example: Raster Systeme (actually bought at YouWorkForThem), Typographie, and some books gifted to me by some designed I worked with as assistant and intern.
But looking at Joe Kral collection made me drool, go have a look to his collection on flickr!

Any designer should have a couple of Heller’s book in his collection! I think is an unwritten rule in the design field.