New Deluxe Timewaster

It seems there’s a new website around, made to prevent us (chubby and lazy internet addicted) to be productive anymore: Super Deluxe.
Super Deluxe, property of Turner Broadcasting, is a new comedy video broadcasting and sharing website.
It might be similar to YouTube, but aimed to comedic content and, hopefully, without people commenting all the uploaded videos as “fake”.

In the words of Mr. Todd Dominey, Creative Director at Turner Interactive:
“Super Deluxe is all about original, funny stuff you won’t find on any other web site. And if you want to share a video with someone, or contribute your own, the tools are there for you to do so. The tools won’t make Super Deluxe great. It’s the content. And there’s plenty more coming.”

So, make you an account, sit back and relax (read: procrastinate everything) and enjoy.
Enjoy especially videos like Sodom and Gomorrah by Brad Neely, and Writers of Lost from the Olde English.
They even have a NYC based Ugo Fantozzi.