Xerox Art (Almost)

After more than half an year living and working in London (and, yes, still speaking and writing in broken English… sorry) I need to do some paperwork to officially tell the Italian government that I no longer live in Rome, so they can tag me like some sort of emigrant, fugitive or refugee abroad!
Looks like I have to register to the mysterious Aire (Anagrafe degli Italiani all’Estero).

Obviously, it’s impossible to do this online.
So, while trying to understand the procedure via the various, modern, and beautiful websites provided (just the first google results using the “aire” keyword) I came across a little gem: the little Aire handbook.
Click here to enjoy a sample of the not-so-accurately manually scanned 10.5 megabyte file provided.
Welcome 2008. At least it’s not a Word document.