In the long lasting (laaaazy bastard I am) quest to update all my websites, including this blog and the portfolio (last updated… years ago), searching for new content management systems and online tools I came across and I’m testing CargoCollective from the folks behind the SpaceCollective community.

I discovered Cargo thanks to the always fresh and wonderful blog of the amazing London based illustrator Cookie: Made in England.
Again I discovered his blog searchig online for the vintage styled delicious “prints” and art that you surely spotted in The Incredibles movie, not to mention the closing credits.
If this wasn’t enough, Cookie played an all english match of Layer Tennis, hosted at my not-so-secret favourite place on the web.
Here’s his Cargo Folio by the way.
Surely you need to add his blog to your rss aggregator.

Cargo is a light-weight and really easy to use CMS system. I’m testing it with some of my photos (I always wanted to publish somewhere outside flickr some of my favourite shots) alongside my standard portfolio.
It’s super fast to set up. The provided interface it’s in the perfect minimal style for an online folio, and you can still edit it and modify it to suit your taste.
I’m still experiencing some quirks in Firefox (sometimes page reloads lead to funny things) but it’s still in beta and really promising.

No invites to give, but you can surely email them and apply for a beta account.