July 28, 2009

Random bike links.

I spent the last day browsing almost randomly for custom and special bikes. I wanted some inspiration: my old R1150R got wrecked in a bad accident last year (and just a few meters before reaching 115.000km) the day before I was supposed to drive it to London.
Here she was looking way better (the bike's nickname was "boiler"). Non to mention all the stuff we did together.

I now bought a 2004 R1100S Boxercup Replika (with an horrible, huge and yellow english plate) but I'm still considering rebuilding the R1150R or using it as a base for a special bike.
In the last days I came across Chris Hunter's Bike EXIF: awesome collection of stylish bikes captured and really cool (bike) photography.

From Chris blog it's only a matter of seconds to jump to Wrenchmonkees.com.
"We build bikes to ride everyday.
They're simple, mechanical expressions.
We build unique custom bikes for people who love riding motorcycles."

Awesome stuff. Don't miss the blog, tons of work in progress photos. I fell in love with this Guzzi, and this delicious R80: Monkee #9.

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September 28, 2007

New Boxer from Paris?

The annual motorbike show in Paris will open to the public tomorrow. Today the doors are open only for press members. Among the new bikes to be released (Honda presented the new Transalp, CBR 1000) at two 'o clock central european time, BMW will unveil a new bike. Probably an HP series based on the R1200S model. Just a few frames of the bike's introduction video leaked: [one] [two].

Update: it's here. Is the new BMW HP2 Sport, based on the prototype BMW used to race in the endurance championship in the last months. 130hp, torque 115nm at 6000rpm, 199Kg with fuel and oil.
Article (in Italian) here.
Some more photos here.

The new F800GS will be unveiled at EICMA Milan next December.

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July 3, 2006

BMW R1200R.

Follow up from my older post.
Here's some press photos of the new BMW R1200R.

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June 20, 2006

BMW R1200R. Maybe.

Maybe the new BMW R1200R

Some photos of what might be the new BMW R1200R started to appear in various forums over the internet.
These (blurry) photos look way more realistic than the many photoshopped fakes that every once a while appeared online in these last months. The R1200R is one of the last new models to be unveiled by BMW.
It looks like the oil radiators have been removed from the the sides of the fuel tank (bad: during winter the hot air produced by the radiators resulted useful for "frosted" hands...), lower headlight estetically permits the use of a standard-sized front mudguard. Smaller cockpit and lighter rear part.
It slightly resembles Moto Guzzi's Breva 750... but we have to see some better photos, or the final thing (I hope soon) to judge.

I mirrored some photos here.

Update: the R1200R (slightly Photoshopped) on the cover of "Motociclismo", italian magazine.

Second Update: press photos links on this newer post.

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June 1, 2006

The R1200S

BMW R1200S
This past Sunday I finally had the chance to drive the new BMW R1200S at Vallelunga track during BMW's test-drive days.
Great handling and a nice boost (compared to the other BMW's boxer engines) once passed 6000 rpm.

Since my driving skills are the same as the average driver I can't tell you much, but if you're interested in this beauty: here's MotorcycleDaily.com Review and Motonline.com (for italian language readers).

Photos: one, two

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November 4, 2005


BMW R1200S

The video teaser for the, widely expected, BMW's new R1200S is online (select your preferred video player).

The motorbike (at least the few frames we can see) has a strong family feeling with the previous R1100S model, I'm just curious to see if the back is similar to what the press shown (looks like no bagagge is "allowed": sometimes you may need it... even if you don't love it) in the last months (Photo One - Photo Two).
The current R1100S model is a nice "balanced" Sport Tourer, I hope this new model will follow this path. It may be a favourite candidate to replace my current R1150R: two and a half years old and 76500 kilometers indicated on the odometer. It (she?) may need to rest a bit sooner or later...

You can bet, I'll be at EICMA in Milan in the next weeks.

Update: this might be an official photo. (Found on QdE italian forum)

Update, again: here's the new complete bmw r1200s promotional video (windows media player).

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July 7, 2005

On the Track!

Emilio Pista Isam

First day on the Track (ISAM) click for a bigger image!

Update: Another shot, finally testing the BMW's K1200R, thanks to BMW's free invite to the track.

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May 30, 2005

Respect? K1200R.

It's coming: in a box near you.
I took this photo, instead, a few weeks ago in Rome. It seems these three units are reserved for the press.

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September 14, 2004

Intermot: K1200R!

new BMW K1200R

Today's fresh news for the motorheads: after the K1200S, BMW unveils the stunning K1200R at Intermot!

note: if you landed here from google searching for the bmw R1200R, go to the R1200R blog entry.

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August 9, 2004


Fast: from the Internet Point.
We arrived today in Rouen, after two days driving through Italy and Southern France (we are exhausted).
Everything was fine, the "Tour of Normandie", officially starts today.
Images and other news ASAP, on this entry.

update: photos here.

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August 3, 2004


planning the trip

On friday evening I'll leave for (long awaited, as usual) vacations.
On the mini-banner under the title you can see a (relaxed) bit of trip planning: looking for routes and accomodations on our way from Rome to northen France: Normandie et Bretagne.
Starting from Rome, we'll stop roughly after 600km in Val di Susa, near Turin (Italy). The day after we finally will be in France to visit (among others): Noyers (our first night in France), then Rouen, via Paris (just to make a tourist-photo under the Tour Eiffel...), Mont San Michelle (obliged), St Malo, and, we hope, as many places we'll be able to pass through and visit in 19 days and an estimated grand total of about 5000km.

Obviously by motorbike.


obviously we don't speak French...

update: photos here.

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